Twisted-Logic is the personal domain, blog and collective of me, Lexie. I’ve owned this domain since July 11, 2002, and it has seen a variety of blogs, drama and fandom before the main site was closed in June 2007.

Fast-forward three years, and I reopened, blogging again, and trying to restore the various fansites that fell into disrepair or were deleted in The Great Server Move of 2008. From 2013-2017, going back to uni and dealing with some serious family issues left the blog rather neglected, until May 2018, when I magically reappeared, ready to get back into blogging groove.

Twisted-Logic.Com is hosted by E-Starr, whom I highly recommend. It is powered by WordPress and various plugins and widgets.

I am always up for collaborations – if you’re interested, feel free to contact me!