Hello There, 2019

Wow. I cannot believe how fast time flies sometimes. Ever since I finished high school, I’ve noticed that it moves so fast. It makes sense – now that I’m not stuck in math classes, what feels like ten minutes is really an hour instead of the other way around.

I think my Top 9 definitely shows most of my year – my trip to Melbourne with my mother to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition, some of my art (which I ended up moving to its own Instagram account), our dogs, and various points of interest. I think its kind of hilarious that my Top 9 always makes my Top 9 – very meta. But there are a few things that have happened – or are happening – that I can’t wait to write about!

One of my resolutions for this year involves getting this blog back up and running. I started archiving all my old blog posts from when I was a teenager and hand-coded all my blog entries. I had no archival system back then, just a bunch of index.html pages that I’m sure are long gone, so I’m relying on the Wayback Machine to fill in a lot of the gaps. But I’m thinking of archiving a lot of posts on here as private – sometimes you just need to declutter and start fresh.

It means that things are going to be a little chaotic as I work on my Secret Project, and get TL whipped back into shape – I am not quite sure what I was thinking with my tag and category system, but they are kind of crazy. So bear with me whilst I get started KonMari-ing my website.