tres artistic

Animation: Blinking Girl

alice_blinksI never really studied animation at uni, despite attending for that reason. So, I mess around with my own stuff at times. Whipped this up in Sketchbook Pro in twenty minutes; kind of wish I’d coloured the base model before animating, but I think it gives her character.  :lol:

Uni Work


That time of Semester again, when I have to head-down-tail-up on all my projects. Especially this one – a multimedia ebook of the first part of one of my short stories. It’s projects like this that make me very, very grateful for my new laptop. My old computer was not fond of InDesign, let alone multimedia publication.  :lol:

My Super-Villain Lair is Almost Complete

I have a desk!

And a desk chair!

Aren’t they beautiful? :love: I also scored a eight-dollar side table, and purchased this adorable pencil holder to celebrate the acquisition and assembly of my desk and chair (oh man, I started late one night and managed to put at least half of the desk together backwards or upside down – I thought my mother was going to beat me with one of the parts  :oops:.)

And some beautiful self-promotion – I started pinning everything I got for my apartment right here, if you’d like to see more of my budding interior decorating skills.

Now I just need to find some lamps that actually provide useful light, rather than just ambience or something else that I have to dust, that don’t cost more than my rent or are super ugly. There’s an entire world of shopping out there that I haven’t truly considered before, and it’s wonderful  :nyah:.