Have you ever had one of those days?

One of those days that you kind of hate everyone and everything, and want to throw a bit of an adult tantrum for no tangible reason?

It’s not even ten in the morning, and that’s exactly how I’m feeling, honestly.

I spent four hours last night not working on my university assessment, but trying to fix my iPhone after an update left it frozen on the ‘connect to iTunes’ screen. Since it’s my only phone line and my mother is coming down today, I sent them both emails that I couldn’t know they’d both see, and worked on fixing it.

And then discovered that my mother hadn’t even noticed I was AWOL.  :huh: Great for my self esteem,

So today, I have class (that’s where I am right now, actually) until noon, then I have to write a 500 word assessment for tomorrow’s class, get to the library to print it out, go to the gym, mop my floors, do a ton of washing and continue my pre-assessment freak out since all four of my classes have assessments due in the next week.

I absolutely wish I hadn’t gotten out of bed. That I had rolled over and gotten more sleep.

Just a no-good day and it’s only ten.

NaBloPoMo: I Did It!

I did it! I finally did it!

What did I do?

I managed to finally get the game mods in my Sims 3 game working. It sounds easy, but since I like core-mods (mod files that basically change the core coding of the game), it was more fiddly that I expected. But then, the last time I actively modded a Sims game was the Sims 2 (with a very different system – dump everything in a folder called ‘Downloads’ and you’re set!) on a PC.

It’s been bugging me for months, that I couldn’t get anything to work, and it finally clicked today – an important file had somehow been moved into a folder. Now, I can go crazy downloading custom hair, clothes and body sliders *drools a little* If you’ve never downloaded custom content from the Sims, then back away and never, ever even consider it. It is highly addictive -and perfectly normal within the community, to have 8 or 9GB of custom content. When you realise the initial files are in the kb range… well, that’s a lot of stuff. Your game takes ages to  load, and it’s a total nightmare, even if it is a highly attractive looking game.

Super, super psyched. Even if I absolutely, should not be planning or touching a game until my university interview and NanoWrimo are done.

I just need Santa Claus to slip a copy of the Seasons EP in my stocking, and I’ll be set!

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