Media Kit

Freelance Writing

As you probably already know, I’m Lexie and I love to write! And I’d love to write for you  😆

  • Would you like me to write for your blog? I can write a regular column or single guest-post entries on the subject of your choice. I can work from my own knowledge in areas, or work from your personal materials.
  • Article Writing – Looking for content for your site? I can provide you with articles and opinion pieces on a variety of subjects, and am always happy to work with provided materials
  • Feel free to contact me about what you’re looking for via


  • Advertise your business – I will be introducing four non-flash ads of roughly 120px to the sidebar for the very first time, for any bloggers or small businesses that will looking to expand their audiences.
  • Text Links – I am currently offering 8 text link ads on the sidebar – your site or business title or the name of your product, it is up to you!
  • Product Reviews – Would you like me to review your product? I’m happy to review any product relevant to myself and my lifestyle. I will offer an honest – the good and the bad – and thoughtful article on your product and need no other compensation other than the item for review.
  • Sponsored Posts – I am happy to write posts that integrate businesses seamlessly into the content, and collaborate on campaigns with long running businesses. Currently, I am also happy to write for not-for-profit and charity organisations for exposure.


  • For Children – I can design and hand-draw with traditional media any sort of animal or human figure in a cute style that appeals to children or birthday invitations, book labels, birthday and celebration cards or anything you can think of – contact me at for my portfolio.