Have you ever had one of those days without enough time, and so much to do?

I’m having one of those days and I shouldn’t be. The problem was two of our cats – Bob and Sofia – decided to harass me until 2:30 am before I got any sleep. And then I had to be back up at 5:30am to let all the cats and the dog out, and then I slept until eleven and was in my jammies in front of the laptop (new Raising Hope and Modern Family, yay!) until 12:30-ish.

Days off are awesome, but I’ve totally wasted mine, I think.

Why the crazy? My mother is in Sydney with my sister, and I’m holding down the fort alone. I had visions of delicious pasta bake for tea last night, and a day of drawing, finishing off this darn layout (and moving the whole site to the main directory) and playing Wii. That plan is dead in the water. There is no way I’ll have time for any of that with the cleaning I have to do, plus finish some art for a local protest. I might whip up some pasta for lunch and save some to put my pasta bake together tomorrow or something.

I’m also transfixed by the iOS5 update for my iPhone – it really is quite awesome. I’ll do a write up of it in the next few days. There are two things that I’m concerned about, though – iCloud does not work with XP, and the new iTunes won’t acknowledge my mother’s iPad using Windows XP. This is a kick in the crotch, since the update the iPad and make it computer-free, I’ll have to use a Mac – my Mac, which isn’t really fair since it’s Mum’s iPad. The second thing that bugs me is that I like the Lion OS on my Mac to use iCloud and not only are most of the features of Lion wasted on someone using a Mac Mini with a BenQ monitor, I really don’t want to spend the money – mostly because I really have no reason to. My Mac is awesome and I like it just the way it is. Argh, damnit Apple. (Let’s not even talk about the four freaking hours it took to load onto my phone. That was frustration-station.)

And right now I have no excuse not to get stuck into some cleaning XD

Steve Jobs, October 6th 2011.

Today we lost a genius, a visionary. He is one of the people I would have dearly loved to sit down and chat to about the future of technology. I have nothing but sympathy for Steve Jobs’ friends and family. He changed our world in so many ways and created one of the most iconic technological-lifestyle brands we have known.

Today I ate what was meant to be Key-Lime Pie but tasted an awful lot like Lemon Tart to me (the most discerning of pie slash tart eaters, apparently); I drank apple cider straight out of the can after it spent several hours in the vegetable crisper (Mum hates that. It squashes the veggies) and I finally set up my new computer – a Mac Mini.

I could wax lyrical about the ease of set-up, especially with the finicky security restrictions on our modem,  but I won’t. It’s both foreign and sacred, in a way like it doesn’t really belong to me, that I’m not lucky/grown-up/interesting or important enough to own something like this.

But in front of the television, browsing design blogs, I realised I have forgotten how to blog.

It was easy all those years ago on my very first blog – when I look over those entries, there’s a joie de vivre that I can’t recapture and I’m terrified I’ve lost it forever. That fifteen year old girl isn’t me. There’s just so much energy in every single one of those posts.

I guess I don’t know who I want to be online anyone. And I probably will hide all the posts that came before this to start over, let me find that blogging rhythm again.

Right now, I wish it were ten degrees colder so I could huddle in my bed in fuzzy socks and look forward to wearing leggings under my skirts and my favourite rock-and-roll hoodie.

And hot chocolate; the kind of hot chocolate that’s dark and not too sweet with two marshmallows, and almost totally makes up for soggy winters without any snow. Just a few more weeks, and it will be here.