Sleep: Farewell Old Friend

After one week of no classes, and one week holiday from university, I am just really damn tired. Plus I have two essays, a powerpoint presentation and two other assignments yet to be revealed due in three weeks. I’ve been doing school work during that entire time; god, I haven’t been on any of my favourite sites in almost a week. I’ve hit Tumblr a couple of times on my phone, but every time I sit at my desktop, I get to work. This is a fun free zone.

I’m so tired that I’m actually going to the trouble of typing this entry on my phone when my netbook is about a metre away, just so I don’t have to get up. Plus I get to test out the WordPress app on my phone. It’s pretty awesome actually. I can’t wait to get an iPad and install it.

I have, however, been Productive (yes, with a capital P) today. I went into the city and had my iPhone replaced (software issues), nabbed a more protective case and screen protector for it, went to the gym and grabbed some lunch. When I got home, I moved all my furniture to vacuum and mop my kitchen, lounge room and bathroom, plus did all my laundry and hand-washing as well as made dinner. Tomorrow, I need to clean out my kitchen drawers (I swear it made sense to keep pain killers, batteries and spare plastic bags in the cutlery drawers when I did), make some cupcakes, get a decent start on my essays as well as straighten up my bedroom.

Why the sudden cleaning frenzy? My mother and sister are coming up tomorrow night and this place is going to be super sparkly clean.

I had a job interview, a group interview, on Friday. I kind of babble when I get nervous, so I doubt I got it. I have another one in a couple of weeks, and another two resumes to drop off tomorrow. Hopefully someone will take a chance on me. It would be nice to work and save some cash over Christmas. Or, alternatively, blow it all on really nice stuff (I have my eye on the most amazing pair of Chanel sunglasses. Ooh, and there’s a lot of Kumacrafts necklaces left for me to acquire.)

… And unless I can pry myself off this couch, it’s going to be another super late night. Argh.

Never Quite Works Out…

… so, I didn’t get the job. Considering it was my first interview (a side-effect of working for your parents or freelance for my entire career history) and I was recovering from the flu, it wasn’t unexpected -_-* . I thought I did a good job though, so I was pretty disappointed when I found out. Actually, an awesome job. I was smiling the entire time, listening and participating. So, I’m disappointed and frustrated. It’s quite hard for me to put myself out there, so it was especially hard to find out that I didn’t make the cut. Plus, I now can’t get my new laptop or tablet for university, since I was relying on the employee discount. Argh!

But I have a few other applications out there, so surely one of those will turn up something and I can earn a little bit of extra money for moving next year. Assuming I get a place at Uni… but let’s not go there just yet. I need to be confident about something!  XD

Right now, I’m going to focus upon getting my portfolio ready, mess around with my camera, redesign both my websites and work on my novel (Nanowrimo is only two weeks away! :geek:)- maybe drum up some web design work in the meantime.

Meanwhile, we’ll be bringing Mabel home on Saturday the 27th of October (my sister is so psyched; Mabel’s wicker basket is full of all the fancy things my sister has bought that little puppy – I think the only thing we’re missing is some sort of cushion or pillow for the basket, which my sister is planning on sewing herself), and I turn 25 on November 7th. Quite frankly, age is just something other people measure things by – I’m just me, and some number isn’t going to stop me being me. Still, I kind of wish that number would stop going up  :nyah:

Seriously, where did the year go?!

Holy Responsibility, Batman

I have spent a delightful almost-week suffering from the flu. I will never complain about being sick in winter again, because having the flu in 29 degree heat is miserable.

I also reached two milestones – I applied to two universities for next year (COFA and SCA – Bachelor of Visual Arts) because despite having my self-esteem regarding my drawing systemically beaten out of me during my last three years of high school, I’m not a bad illustrator and with a bit of training, might be able to do something with it. (High school also tried to squash my belief in my writing abilities. However, years of fan fiction writing has resulted in my writing-ego being of titantium strength. I can write rings around anyone. I blame all the adults praising my Buffy-writing 11 year old self. I was a precocious little scamp.)

I applied for a retail job I never ever thought I’d get… and I got an interview. On one hand, yay, job! Money! Independence! On the other hand, I hate stupid people, and someone who treated me pretty badly in the past works there.

But when I remember that, I also remember I’m an ironclad bitch these days, in comparison to five years ago, so I’ll be fine. Somehow I evolved from sad-kitten-person to honeybadger.

I just wish I had enough money to buy myself some ironclad-bitch shoes to wear to the interview. It would make me feel better.

I think maybe the cold is restricting oxygen to my brain. Just FYI.