A Little of This, A Little of That

Things are happening.

  • I’m bored silly in my classes, honestly. Being bored leaves me time to think. Thinking turns me into an anxious mess. I hope it gets better. I’ve already made the decision that if I’m still unhappy – this unhappy – in a year, I’ll transfer to a different school. I’ll need a year to really find my feet, I guess. It’s still horrifying dragging myself in every week, but I guess I’ll manage. I’ve never liked change.
  • I finally found an apartment, whee! Mostly because the photographs online looked so dreadful no one was interested in it – only one other, very pushy, lady, the apartment looked like a dive, but when I got there, it was lovely – new kitchen, bathroom and built-in wardrobe. It’s small – thee rooms (bedroom, bathroom, lounge/kitchen) but I’m exhausted from commuting all the time and just want my own space. Plus, it’s around the corner from the university, so I cannot complain. I’m happy to have found a place, and decorating on my tiny budget. Next task? Finding a job nearby
  • My sister and I are seeing The Avengers/Iron Man 3; The Avengers is being played at two of the big Sydney cinemas before Iron Man 3‘s midnight launch, so Mia and I are making a night of it – The Avengers starts at 9pm, and Iron Man is meant to get out at around 3am, so we plan to spend most of Wednesday sleeping. But, yay, exciting!
  • Our Easter was very quiet – I attempted to resurrect my Sims 3 game, whilst Mum made homemade hot cross buns and my sister painted pots; I started a few pots that I hope to finish over the next couple of days. I want to plant herbs in them and line them up on my window sill in the new apartment. I’ll post photos as soon as they’re done.
  • I got my first debit card, and have gone nuts online-shopping. It’s been awesome.