NaBloPoMo: I Did It!

I did it! I finally did it!

What did I do?

I managed to finally get the game mods in my Sims 3 game working. It sounds easy, but since I like core-mods (mod files that basically change the core coding of the game), it was more fiddly that I expected. But then, the last time I actively modded a Sims game was the Sims 2 (with a very different system – dump everything in a folder called ‘Downloads’ and you’re set!) on a PC.

It’s been bugging me for months, that I couldn’t get anything to work, and it finally clicked today – an important file had somehow been moved into a folder. Now, I can go crazy downloading custom hair, clothes and body sliders *drools a little* If you’ve never downloaded custom content from the Sims, then back away and never, ever even consider it. It is highly addictive -and perfectly normal within the community, to have 8 or 9GB of custom content. When you realise the initial files are in the kb range… well, that’s a lot of stuff. Your game takes ages to  load, and it’s a total nightmare, even if it is a highly attractive looking game.

Super, super psyched. Even if I absolutely, should not be planning or touching a game until my university interview and NanoWrimo are done.

I just need Santa Claus to slip a copy of the Seasons EP in my stocking, and I’ll be set!