NaBloPoMo: Take it from Me

Take it from me, dehydration is one of the most unpleasant things that you can ever suffer from.

It’s summer here, and I just haven’t been drinking enough – not water, not juice, just totally not drinking – and by last night, I was incredibly ill. I’m doing slightly better today, though I am still feeling pretty dreadful. Of course, I was lying awake with my water bottle at four this morning, watching old episodes of Two and a Half Men (yes, I actually thought the Charlie Sheen years were funny.)

I also had to skip my meds last night, because I was so sick, and twenty-four hours without my allergy medication has me miserable and feeling nothing but pity for my younger self, who spent every day of the year acting as if she had a chronic cold.

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be feeling better. I’ve got 4,000 words of Nano to write over the next two days, plus photographing and scanning different art works for this weekend.

Sleep is definitely becoming a necessity. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be feeling a bit better. Go and have a big glass of water XD