NaBloPoMo: Wayback Friday Five

Where is your favorite tree? We have a pepper tree in our front yard against the fence. It’s a really interesting tree that looks like something out of a fairy story; that it could be the home for fairies. The tragic thing is that it is really, really sick – beyond repair – and we will have to remove it soon.

Where is your favorite chair? I don’t really have a favourite chair. Oh, I really, really love reading in the chair on the verandah, with my feet propped on my pink exercise ball. And my pink exercise ball is fun to sit at my desk with.

Who has your favorite hair? Lea Michele has an amazing hair cut, and I adore the coloured streaks that Katy Perry had in her hair. But honestly, I like my own hair, especially since I’ve had a haircut :)

What’s your favorite mug (or other drinking vessel) like? I have a few personal favourites that are currently in use. (One of my favourites is a Kate Spade mug that my sister gave me, which is still boxed and safe until I move out.) My in-use mugs are a five dollar Eeyore mug I found at the supermarket. It has a tiny stylised Eeyore on the inside rim, where they’ve forgotten to colour in his tail bow. Someone in the family chipped it and must die for that XD My other mug is a pink Joanne Zhou Momiji Kitty mug that is so cute and pink and I protect it with my life. I wish I had bought two.

Where’s your favorite parking spot (not at home)? I don’t drive yet, but I am very, very fond on the parking space right outside the gym. Mostly because I am always late (I know, I suck), and anything that saves time is awesome.