NaBloPoMo: Dolls & Shoes

NaBloPoMo November 8: If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?

Oh wow. That is a truly great question, and one that I’ve asked myself a lot since I finished high school. I’ve known that I want to write books since I was two (my mum LOVES that story). But in the last few years, I really considered a lot of things – art teacher, English teacher, magazine writer, art gallery owner, vet specialising in rabbits… the list is quite long.

 But it’s a toss up between fashion designer and ball-jointed resin doll maker. Both for the essentially the same reason – the ability to be creative, to create entire worlds and to know exactly and precisely what to do to get the desired effect. I know I’ll always be a writer, but having that sort of career would allow to explore the worlds that I created.

Doll making has intrigued me ever since I discovered people making their own Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and the work at Enchanted Doll. The possibilities are amazing.

I’d do a lot of fantasy dolls and unique versions of historical and fairy tale characters, as well as characters from different culture and fashion movements; I’d devote a lot of time to recreating pop culture characters… it would be amazing.

Why can’t I do this? Because there’s no way to learn how to make these dolls. It’s not something that you can take a class in at Tafe XD

(My other dream career is shoe making. It would be glorious – bright leathers as soft as fabric, heels with satin ribbons around the ankle, flats modelled after pointe shoes.. oh, the dream!)