Home Again, Home Again

Our dog is home! XD Molly was transferred from the emergency vet to her normal vet yesterday morning, and we got the go ahead to pick her up yesterday evening. She’s not 100% yet, but so, so much better than she was on Sunday. At this rate, it looks like it was one of her medications that caused all the problems, so we’ll be trying out some other medications for her over the next few weeks.

It is currently at least ten degrees colder inside than out, and I’m fighting a bad headache – I’ve been getting them for several weeks and have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday. I’m guessing either a pinched nerve in the back of my head or migraines. Right now, I just want to take some Advil, crawl into bed and have a nap, but my mother is in one of her strange moods and I’ve been given marching orders to clean and sort a heap of stuff, regardless of how I feel.  :ohdear:

Over the last two days, all my online shopping has turned up!










The first five came from Gap.Com, the last came from Saba Australia (reduced from 179.00 to 44.00, score!) I got two of both the long sleeve shirts – the v-neck in black and grey and the crew-neck in grey and white. I have a book of iron-on Suki transfers that I am thinking of using on the white top – I haven’t decided yet.

(And I quite clearly haven’t gotten the hold of formatting images in WordPress. Sigh.)

I also have my eye on a pair of ballet-slipper style ballet flats at the Gap and Mum got the most amazing pair of turquoise flats from J Crew, that I might have to snag a pair from there as well (though, to my surprise, J Crew was a little pricier than the Gap. Honestly, I never really gave J Crew much thought until my sister discovered they’d started shipping to Australia. Now I’m on their shoe section like Oprah on a baked ham. :yum:)

But the one thing I have got my eye on is a pair of tights from We Love Colors, definitely one in black, maybe another in red or navy. I was considering white or cream, but I’m worried that would look weird on me. I shall have to consider it for awhile longer.

A bientot!