Seriously, Life?!

This last week has not been fun. I seem to have the worst luck in the world.

I had an eyebrow et al wax last in the first week of March. Melissa, who has done my eyebrows for the last six or so years, has just moved back home and I made an appointment with someone else. Well that girl was beyond incompetent – she stomped around the room, made no efforts to speak, grabbed skin with the tweezers and burnt my chin with wax – and then only did roughly half my face. I was so angry. I contacted the salon and they were super apologetic but I wasn’t available to go in and have the manager fix the missed areas.

So they sent me a 20% discount coupon. Seriously. I was cut and burnt and you think I’m coming back anytime soon? And 20% off? How about a free session? I’ve been a customer for roughly six years, through all the price increases (I now pay roughly $AUS40 a session) and 20% is their idea of customer service?

Not cool.

Well, the blister on my chin got angry and infected, and I have been seriously sick since Thursday, because the infection has hit my rather feeble immune system. I’m off to the doctor’s tomorrow – I was treating myself (after consulting with my pharmacist-uncle) with antibiotics but I think I need something stronger.

It’s seriously always something. Do things like that happen to other people?