Things I Have to Do

I’ll admit something.

I still get excited logging into WordPress.

It’s really stupid but from 2000 onwards, I coded my sites by hand. That’s hardly amazing, I know. But when everyone else moved to Cutenews or used programs like Dreamweaver and the like, I couldn’t work out how (my only defence was that my hosting service was kind of garbage and  I had no cpanel). In the height of my web-empire, I was running around 40 sites (a lot of those were fanlistings) and updating them by hand with an FTP program.

Finally, in 2007, I converted to PHP (it was like magic! A header and footer that I never had to update!) I thought that made life easy.

I was wrong. I ? Wordpress. WordPress is the Harry Potter of the Internet, at least for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled I know how to hand code a site – it’s proven nothing but useful – but I utterly love not having to hand code every blog entry I write, and being able to assign tags and categories – and having actual archives! (Seriously, I’ve been using the Wayback Machine to find my old blog entries and input them into WordPress  :geek:)

But one thing that I miss is that I had a single base design that I just altered with each new layout, depending on the size and design of the header. Having to build my WordPress design from scratch – and track down Widgets and Plugins for certain functions (rather than coding the details by hand – it really is the little things in life!  XD) has taken long than I thought.

So, my To Do list to get this website finished:

  • A new signature (I really hate the current font)
  • media kit page (I want to write for other people! I love to write!) done!
  • links page done!
  • Add advertising space
  • An RSS feed link done!
  • A layout for T-L’s anniversary in July
And I’ve owned Written-Word for years (err, except for roughly two years when I forgot to renew it and some advertising company nabbed it for awhile) and I’ve been at a loss of what to do with it – it originally hosted all my fan fiction, but I’ve already  established a livejournal community for my writing and quite frankly, uploading 13+ years of fan fiction sounds exhausting. I thought about turning it into my professional website but I really think I need to register my full name for that.

So, I’m planning on turning Written-Word into a writing blog. Something every day – a memory, a short story, some fan fiction, just as long as I’m writing. I just need to work out a nice and easy to organise layout to run it. I’m also considering asking some other creative writers to contribute every so often. I’m really excited about this.