Currently Stalking iPads

I really want an iPad.

Like most of the Western world, I guess.

My mother has one that she lets me have free reign on – my Kindle account is loaded on it, I have games and apps that are solely mine – but I really want my own. I’ve got a bright pink case picked out for it already (well, I’m deciding between two), and I’m furiously procrastinating over a 32GB and a 64GB version.

It’s a shame two of the bigger tech chains in Australia – JB Hifi and Dick Smith – have barely reduced the iPad 2s at all. If I can’t get an iPad 2 decently reduced, then I will wait a few months and save for an iPad 3. (Also, what is the deal with all the promotional material calling it ‘the new iPad’? Considering how similar it looks to the iPad 2 and that many retailers around here haven’t even switched displays yet, it’s just plain old confusing. So many retailers have just put the iPad 3 on the iPad 2 display; it’s actually kind of funny to watch people try to work out if that’s the thing they’re meant to be hovering over or not :evil:)

But I also desperately need a new laptop (a Macbook), a new bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a new pair of headphones (mine are actually disintegrating)… so many things that I need so much more than an iPad.

But they are so awesome, and I am rocking Kindle and iBook. I’ll just have to wait until I find one with a good discount, I guess.