February Blues

So, February. February was dreadful. I’ll start with all the medical stuff that happened.

Surgery doesn’t really bother me. My surgeries were very minor but I did get butterflies. I actually felt nervous that I wasn’t feeling nervous :idea:

The night before Surgery #2 (Surgery #1 can be found here), I heard a funny noise in the bathroom. My mother’s dog, Molly, is very old and tends to roam during the night and if it goes on too long, one of us gets up to check on her. I thought the sound was Molly but I just knew that wasn’t a normal night noise.

I was right. It was the sound of my mother fainting and cracking her head – her left eye, to be precise – against our marble bathroom counter. And there was blood smeared everywhere, my mother was in hysteria-shock. I took one look at the cut and the blood, and how disoriented my mother was and called 000 for an ambulance. Head injuries can be incredibly dangerous.

The operator and ambulance officers, not to mention the staff and doctors, were all really nice and calm. But when my mother is begging for a glass of water and rocking from misery, not ambulance could get there fast enough.

It turned out that she was dehydrated due to a virus, but we spent eight hours up at the ER for them to rehydrate her and glue the laceration closed. So, I had to cancel my surgery.

As a sidenote, I look at the positives – my moher didn’t do any lasting damage, and I got to call 000 and ride in the back of the ambulence for the first time of my life. Glass half full, definitely.

I rescheduled surgery, and when it finally did go ahead, it wasn’t too bad. I told them that I’m really sensitive to anaesthetic and they finally found something that worked without making me sick or freak out. I woke up humming ‘Secret Tunnel’ from Avatar the Last Airbender (look it up on Youtube, I’m sure the nurses had a good old laugh) and feeling surprisingly good. And the results were good! So I guess even the crappy stuff works itself out.

I’ve still got blood tests and scans to have done for various specialists but it looks like the majority of the major medical tests are over, which I am profoundly grateful for.