Onwards We Roll

I have no energy at all. I am sleeping between 16 and 18 hours a day and I still want to sleep more.

I saw my doctor today, I have su certrgery on Thursday to rule a pre-existing condition out (do you know how much I hope it is that?) and another specialist appointment on January 31.

It is so frustrating. There are so many things I want to do  – I most certainly haven’t been blogging or tweeting as much as I wanted in the new year. Mum’s offered to take me to see some movies once I recover from surgery (last time I needed a week) and I finally got my most beloved Canon EOS 1100D kit. It’s so, so lovely. A beautiful red body, two beautiful lenses and a hard travel case for them. I just want to get out there and pratice with it. But I’m so tired I can barely drag myself out of the chair, let alone have the mental and physical energy to pull out, assemble and play with my camera.

It makes me sad.

But maybe, maybe, on the other side of Thursday, I’ll be feeling better.

I’m crossing my fingers.