I’ve Got 99 Problems…

… but wheat ain’t one.

My tests came back and they are clear. I am not allergic to wheat and can eat as much Weetbix, Vitabrits and Wheaties as I like. This is a good thing, really – the gluten free food in my town is either expensive, unpleasant and boring or both. But it still leaves open the question of why I am getting so sick. In the last five days I’ve seen an ENT, an Immunologist and a Gastro-specialist.

Two of the diagnoses I recieved were deviated septrum causing my constant allergies, and a severe allergy to mould (I had a prick test done on my arm, and that is truly the itchiest experience of my life. Just remembering it makes me want to scratch my arm.) I also have a list of blood tests and ultrasounds to have done after Christmas. Right now, I’m thrilled that I’m not phobic of needles or medical scans because this would be truly impossible to live through if I were.

At least some severely nasty things have been ruled out. The relief was so tangible that I actually felt better once I knew it wasn’t something life-ruining. And the possibility of being well for Christmas is becoming a distinct possibility, which is just so excellent. I mean, who wants to be sick for Christmas?