The Birthday Girl

I finally turned twenty-four. Gosh that feels old. I spend half my time feeling far too old, and half my time feeling about sixteen. And all my time feeling nervous. The age of twenty-three has kind of sucked. I’ve been sick since the end of February, and only now am I seeing a light at the end of the tunnel regarding my health, which is scary and sad.

But on to my birthday! XD I had an appointment with my trainer at 8am (!) which was completely unfair ;) After the gym, Mum treated me to one of my favourite breakfasts (I’ll add the recipe here one day) of yoghurt with honey, berries and yoghurt. It sounds kind of boring, but it’s delicious – like dessert for breakfast. Plus it is super healthy. Mum also treated me to the most delicious drink – a mango and blood orange frappe.

After that we went home. Honestly, Mum and I were so exhausted from Sunday (Birthday Eve) that we didn’t feel like doing very much. Mum started working on my birthday cake and I curled up on the lounge with my new Sarah Dessen book. So, a very quiet day.

Mum made me the most incredible birthday cake – a chocolate and raspberry cat with chocolate curls and fairy floss. And it was one of the greatest chocolate cakes I’ve ever tried! Mmm. And Mum made paella for me for tea, and it was incredible. The funniest thing ever, Mum didn’t notice that it was an eight-person recipe, so we have a lot of leftovers. Delicious leftovers.

Then Mum gave me the rest of my birthday gifts – a new, pink wallet, NCIS LA Season 1, a Momiji iPhone case and key covers, a bright pink Clocky (the run away alarm clock :nyah:) and the most adorable white ceramic bunny light, as a memorial for my poor pet bunny Blossom, who passed away earlier in the year. Plus I get to order my very first DSLR this week. I found it online for roughly half price, complete with two lens. I am so excited, and adding several lenses from Photojojo to my Christmas list (I picked out the Dreamer camera strap for my sister’s birthday back in March, and got myself one – it’s been on my bookcase, waiting for my beautiful camera to arrive.)

So, an amazing and wonderful birthday. Due to how tired we were, we skipped our evening plans tonight and will be going for cocktails in a couple of days, plus I’m seeing my Grandmother on Saturday for lunch.

Roll on twenty four. I hope you are wonderful!