Friday 5: Nagging

  1. What kinds of nagging injuries do you have? I broke my right wrist two Decembers running when I was in high school (playing softball both times :oops: ), and it still aches, especially when it is cold or about to rain.
  2. What long-procrastinated task is nagging at you lately? A lot of uninteresting paperwork – plus updating one of my websites.
  3. In what way have you been a nag to someone else? I’ve been nagging my mother to take me to the local shopping center to pick up a lay-buy. This shop has a really bad tendency not to call you before they cancel a lay-buy, and nine times out of ten, I only owe twenty dollars and just can’t get there, and have mentioned this to one of the assistants. It’s very irritating.
  4. Who in your life is a world-class nag? Hmm, no one is really a world-class nag, but my mother is always hounding me to do things.
  5. Nag is such an ugly word. What would be a nicer way to describe someone who exhibits nagging tendencies? Pestering or hounding, I guess.