114 Days to Go…

… until Christmas! :o: It’s already September, 2010 has completely dissolved in a sea of monotony – this year will go into my history as one giant ‘meh’. And writing Christmas lists – things we need to do, book and buy – and I feel ridiculous doing so in September, but a. I adore Christmas (or at least, the lead up), and b. over the years I’ve realized that I loathe the ‘Christmas Panic’ – the pushing and shoving for no good reason and scrambling for alternatives.

And organizing things now means that money isn’t stretched so far, all our appointments are made when we need them rather than whenever is available and everything just goes smoother. Or atleast, it will if we do it properly. For Christmas 2009, we had to drive two hours to Sydney on Christmas Eve to pick up almost all of my mother’s gifts (and despite my sulky father and unhelpful sister, I got every item on my list :nyah:

I am so going to be organized. No making Christmas cards Christmas Eve. No finishing cards at midnight or realizing that I’ve run out of sticky tape ten minutes before we exchange gifts. This year, I’m going to be a veritable sea of organization and order. Neat stacks of presents, addressed cards going into the mail the last week of November and no freak outs.

However, considering my family, I think this might be a pipe-dream. :whoops: