Before I start off on my usual babble session, I shall start with a minor rant. Ranting is good for your complexion ;) Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Bali tragedy (I’m not even going to recap for those who have no idea about it). I feel sad about the loss of so many lives, and I feel scared at how dangerous this world is becoming. But this will be my only mention of my feelings towards it, possibly ever. Tomorrow, I’m not going to offer best wishes to the survivors or anything. Because the Bali tragedy has become just another way to make money. Everywhere – newspapers, magazines, TV – are selling us commemorative ribbons or posters or CDs or something. It’s become more commercialised than a Britney Spears concert.

Personally, if I had lost someone in that bomb blast (I threw you ignorami a bone :P), I wouldn’t want a poster of that night or of the memorial. I wouldn’t want a CD that was created to raise funds for the survivors. I’d just want to move on, revering in my happy memories, and not be reminded ever two minutes how horrible and painful their deaths were.

Basically, I think Channel 10 and 7, and all the papers, should look at how downright tacky and offensive their punblicity is. I have sorrow over October 12th. Now I’m moving on.

New fanlistings! M.I.A is the Zane aka X5-205 fanlisting, Wrench is the Zane’s Garage (from “Kidz”) fanlisting andClarity is the Dark Angel ep “Art Attack” fanlisting. Gosh, I’ve been busy ;) And I’ve been approved for the “Camper Shoes” fanlisting. Other than that, I’m pretty up to date with everything. And tonight, my family is going out to see Lara Croft: Cradle of Life and then have pizza. It’s all good, all the time.