October’s Here

I cannot believe it’s already October. Man, time flies when you’re buried under a pile of fanlistings. Hehe

Well, I’m going away tomorrow. I know, you’ll all miss me for the entire seven days I’m gone. But never fear! Mum rented me a laptop for a week – so I can do “school work” *giggle* Hell no. I’ve got some fic that badly need updating, and yeah, I will have to do some school work, I suppose. I mean, I had to get a new text book for my Geography assignment and it cost Mum almost $50, which means I’ll actually have to use it. Damnit.

Well, anyways, I went to Chatswood in Sydney on Wednesday and had my hair done. It actually looked good. Now, two days later? Not so great, but oh well. All good things come to an end, infinitely sooner than we’d like. Anyway, I went to Alannah Hill and got the most beautiful bracelet (also leading to my current state of broke-ness). It’s gold with little pink diamontes. And I got a new notebook. That’s it. Amellia got the Hilary Duff CD which rocks, but I’m broke, so I’ll have to wait till my birthday, damnit.

Okay, technical stuff. My fanlisting collective is up – presenting Wicked. And I have way too many fanlistings to get done this weekend *sigh*. I have to build Zane, Zane’s Garage, Art Attack and Jondy/Zack *moans pathetically* Fanlistings are more addictive than crack cocaine. Well, I’ve never had crack cocaine, but I bet it’s not as addictive as fanlistings.